PayPal has become synonymous with online payments and this widely popular platform lets users make monetary transactions, completely doing away with the need for bank transfers and checks. This free payment processing service only requires the presence of a valid PayPal account on both the receiver and the sender’s end. The biggest upside to PayPal is its widely recognized platform and how easily it manages to integrate with other third-party platforms and carts.

However, PayPal is still not the perfect payment solution for Merchants and Freelancers in Nigeria. Even though the platform allows Nigerians to make international payment using credit cards, they have not been able to allow businesses and freelancers in Nigeria to be able to accept payment easily.

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We decided to take a deeper look into why Paypal has not been able to fully open its doors for Merchants and Freelancers in Nigeria and we realised it was due to the fact Paypal is not able to process and disburse payments in the Nigerian local currency.

Alternative to Paypal?

After thoroughly reviewing Paypal and other online payments systems like Payoneer, Payza and 2Checkout, we have come to the conclusion that Payment Link by Invoice is the best option for Nigerians that are looking to accept online payments globally.

Payment Link is an easy and convenient way for businesses & individuals to start collecting online payments for goods & services online via a simple link or URL. Payment Link is ideal for freelancers and online merchants because you can receive payments from anywhere in the world via a simple link or URL.

To receive a payment instantly, all you have to do sign up and provide your bank account details. Once that is completed you need to generate a link which can be emailed or SMS to your client who can then process the payment by clicking on it. This is similar to how Paypal uses e-mail address to process money transfers.

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Benefits of using Payment Link?

1. Ability to accept payments via international and local card transactions.

2. Ability to receive payments directly in your Nigerian bank account within 24 hours.

3. Affordable Transaction Fee (1.9% + N100 of each transaction).

4. Easy and simple to use interface for both Merchants and Customers.

5. 2-minute set up: All you need is a Mobile number & Bank account.

6. Bank-level Security: PCI-DSS compliant online payment environment.

7. Awesome customer support team (24/7 customer support for all our customers).


You can use Payment Link for pretty much anything. Some of our early customers have been using Payment Link to receive payment from customers both within and outside Nigeria. We can’t wait to see you tap into this opportunity, so head down now to create an account with us.