A lot of people in Nigeria now do freelance work for international clients as an alternative source of income or on a full-time basis. More important as the work being done is the ability to get paid when the job is done because most freelancers find it difficult to get paid by international clients without paying tons of fees.

As a freelancer, I once worked for a client of mine that resides in Canada and after the job was complete, he could not get an easy way to make payment into my bank account in Nigeria since I could not afford a foreign bank account (USD account) at that moment.

In this post, I will like to share with you an easy way to receive payment from international clients in Nigeria;

Using Online Invoicing Services.

From experience, the best way to bill international clients is by sending an online invoice. Unfortunately, this approach gets a little more complicated for freelancers in Nigeria as most of this international online invoicing services do not cater for countries like Nigeria.

When considering this option, it is very important to look for and invoicing solution that has the ability to process international transactions and have the payments remitted to your Nigerian bank account in minutes. That is where an invoicing solution like www.invoice.ng comes very handy and useful.

Benefits of using Invoice NG over others?

A solution like Invoice NG has a lot of advantages over other existing online invoicing services out there. Amidst other benefits of using and online invoicing solution. From the top of my head, I will be naming a few features that make the platform to stand out among others;

  1. Instant Bank Settlement: this means that you get your money in your bank account immediately the payment is successfully received.
  2. International / Local Transactions: With Invoice, you can bill in the currency of your choice and get paid with the currency of your choice.
  3. Receiving part payments: as we all know, must freelancer job payments come in part (i.e. you get paid at certain stages of the project). With Invoice, you can receive part payments and easily manage them from your account with ease.

How I use Invoice NG to receive payments in Nigeria?

Invoice NG is an online invoicing and payment solution specifically designed for small business owners and freelancers. With Invoice, getting paid is never a problem has you can define your own terms when you want to be paid and how you want to be paid.

First of all, I will be showing you in three (3) steps how to use www.invoice.ng to receive payments in Nigeria.

  1. Go to www.invoice.ng to create an account (100% free).
  2. When you are done creating an account, connect your preferred Nigerian bank account details to your Invoice account.
  3. Start sending invoices to clients and accepting payments on the go. It’s that easy.


  • Payments received via invoice are remitted your provided bank account instantly without any delays.
  • Currently, we support receiving payment into almost all the banks in Nigeria.
  • There is a transaction fee of 3.5% on all successful international transactions received via the platform. Click here to learn more.

A lot of freelancers in Nigeria currently uses this solution to handle but local and foreign billing and I don’t think you also should be left out.