Youtube, as we all know has become a hub for marketing and branding. With over a billion hours of watch time on Youtube, some companies find it as the best place to market their products and services. It is arguably the “second largest search engine in the world”, and also a platform that profers solutions to every problem. 

When it comes to Youtube marketing, you need to be very careful and use the best possible methods and tricks to endorse your product or service.  Here are the 7 steps that you can use to better Youtube marketing and even grow your channel.

1. Choose A Specific Niche For Your Channel

Before starting a YouTube channel you need to decide on what niche you want to target. If you want your YouTube journey to be successful, it’s crucial to clearly decide from the start what is the purpose of your channel. The niche you’ll be targeting is the foundation of a YouTube business.

You should choose a specific theme and carve a niche for yourself so that you can get traffic and an audience of the same or similar taste and not of diverse interests. It will make it easy for the companies/brands of similar backgrounds and professions to reach out to you.

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2. Engage With Your Audience

You are not a good marketer if you don’t know what your customer wants. It might interest you too know that communication is a two-way process therefore, you communicating with your audience through videos is only one way and interacting with them is another way.

If you are uploading videos without entertaining the comments and feedbacks of your viewers, you are missing out a lot and there is a risk that you might lose your viewers as well. Youtube rewards channels with good engagement with their audience in the form of likes, shares, comments, and watch time. So, ensure to connect with your audience and respond to their comments and feedbacks (as much as possible) to keep them fully engaged. If possible, you can also buy YouTube likes.

3. Stand Out From Other Channels

Even when your video contents are great and fun to watch, you still need to make your channel itself visually appealing to your target audience? Standing out means having a good brand and doing something unique, such as your channel name, channel logo, appealing thumbnails, detailed and professional description.

This will help you a lot to gain subscribers and viewers. Remember, the overall look and feel of your channel matter a lot including the quality of your content. Also, you can brand your channel so that the viewers or users can easily recognize your channel.

4. Promote Videos On Other Social Media Platforms

Promoting your videos on other social media platforms will enhance the watch time of your videos and will engage more viewers. And thanks to social media that you can cross-promote your content on different social media channels. There are chances that a person is active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. but not too active on Youtube. In this case, if you just upload your video on Youtube, you will be reaching out to a portion of users out of the total users online.

Also, you can upload teasers of your video on other social media platforms and attach a link to your video on Youtube so that traffic gets increased. This will help to increase your chances of getting more subscribers. In addition to this, you can share it with your friends who can further share it with people to make it reach out to the audience at large. You may consider writing about it in your blogs if you have any. 

5. Make Use of Great Video Thumbnails 

Thumbnails have a great impact on your video as in this case, your book is being judged by its cover! Have you heard something known as clickbait? It is one of the best techniques to increase the traffic and click-through ratio (CTR) on your videos. However, always remember that clickbait is just a tool to make your audience curious enough to see the video and not appreciated as much as the quality of the video itself.

Also, when a user searches for something on Youtube hundreds of results will be seen out of which yours will be one of them. And it will be very likely that the user will be able to differentiate your post from the rest because of the unique thumbnail that you must have put on your post.

6. Post Frequently And Consistently

Once users get subscribed to your channel, it means that they are liking your channel and you want to continue them to like your content. But How? One answer to this is to upload videos frequently. For example, if you have a teaching channel and you have started with a topic on 1st February 2020. Now, the viewers interested in that particular topic would expect an early upload of the next part as soon as possible if not, they may lose interest and can switch to some other channel to get the answers to their queries. Hence, optimal upload frequency should be used depending upon the feedback of the viewers.

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7. Ask For Subscriptions

Last but not the least, asking and pushing the viewers to subscribe to your channel will increase the chances of them getting engaged with your channel for the rest of their lives. Also, it will keep them notified of your recently uploaded videos. Remember, never pay for your subscribers! This will not only bring down your interaction and engagement with your real subscribers but also it will hurt the authenticity of your account in the long run. If you ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, you will get a lot of potential followers.


Just like every other system of marketing, successful Youtube marketing does not just happen overnight. You need to dot every I’s and cross every T’s in other to be outstanding as in your niche. And also ensure to apply for Google Adsense so that you can make money online from your channel.

Author Bio:

Vivek Roy is the Digital Marketing Manager with ColorMeOne – an SEO Marketing company from the Netherlands for startups. Vivek has worked across many sectors and loves using technology to solve branding and customer acquisition problems. He is a published author and mentor to many startups.

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