So many people dream of starting a new venture but are held back by fear, indecision, or any variety of other personal factors. Whether you’re looking to escape the 8-to-5 grind or you just want to earn some money on the side, there are plenty of ways to turn your skills and interests into cold hard cash.

In this post, I will be sharing great new ways to make money aside from your regular job in Nigeria. There are actually multiple ways to make extra money on the side while you are still doing your day job. With the whole economic issues in the country, these few tips might come in handy.

1. Start a blog on something you passionate about.

You can blog about your passion, your area of expertise, anything.  By just creating a website with ads, you could generate some additional revenue. A good example here is Linda Ikeji who turned blogging into a serious and very profitable business. Another good example – NaijaTechGuide blog owner Paschal Okafor who already earned millions from Konga Affiliate program simply by blogging about all things mobile phones and gadgets.

2. Takeup freelancing as a side-hustle.

Either we believe it or not, each of us has that one unique thing that we very could at. If you find that unique skills of yours and showcase it in such a way that people are willing to pay you for it, then you are on your way to a successful freelancing career. Being a freelancer does not require that you work for yourself full-time, it only means that you have the liberty to do what you want and when you want it (you are your own boss).

While still keeping your full-time day job, you can start a side freelancing business that takes some of your free time and earns you some extra-cash alongside doing what you love. If you ever wish to take your freelancing business to the next level, I recommend you check out these freelancing market-places for the best deals you can find in Nigeria.

3. Buying and selling of products both offline & online.

This involves petty trading of consumer goods. It’s time-tested and still works quite well for many people. It is often better to start by selling things you are used to. It could be dresses, shoes, jewelry, smartphones, tablets etc. Your first customers will typically be your colleagues at work and members of the church.

Selling tangible items both offline and online makes ordinary people millions of naira per year. And getting started can be a lot easier than you think. My best tip about this is buying cheap but quality products from the international marketplace like Ali-Express and selling them with profit in Nigeria. Try this with friends and family (don’t sell on credit) and you will see it a very cool way to earn some side cash.

4. Try writing or publishing your own book.

Publishing a book is one way I know to make life-long earnings without stress. It doesn’t matter if it’s an educational guide for your niche, a novel, a special report, or even a coffee table book, there are now plenty of options for successful self-publishing your own work.

And, you won’t need to spend months waiting to see if your pitch was accepted by a traditional publishing house, only to hand over fist-fulls of profits to them in the end. If you think it will sell, be your own publisher.

5. Teach others what you know.

If you have enough experience in your field to teach or coach others based on what you know, then trying together online course materials and distribute on channels that people can get to find them (you can start by having your own website).

Courses are all the rage these days, it seems like everyone’s got one. That’s because they’re easy to put together and are usually highly profitable. All you need to do is channel your inner-teacher and put together a guide, video walkthrough, podcast, or webinar sharing your expertise on a particular topic, then, offer it for sale on your website.


That’s it, five ideas to help you escape the daily grind and create a life and business you love. Want more? Read on to learn more about how to raise funding to start a business in Nigeria, right here.

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