Many business owners and managers mistakenly think that money is the prime motivator for their employees. When it comes to job satisfaction especially for the millennials, financial rewards may be lower on the list than most people think. Being happy with a job seems to depend more on the intangibles: feeling part of a team and being valued and appreciated consistently outrank money.

Keeping your team happy and motivated is challenging, yet it’s a task you need to prioritize for the well-being of your business. Without your team, you can’t run your business; thus, it’s essential that you find new and innovative ways to keep them happy and motivate them on a daily basis.

Here are 5 super effective ways to keep your team happy and motivated without breaking the bank;

1. Always appreciate the teams effort.

When the business achieves a milestone, it’s important you inform your team and celebrate that milestone together. However, this is not just about celebrating the business milestones. You should show your team members that you value them personally by celebrating things like birthdays, weddings, births, and promotions, to name a few.

Employees value small gestures. The regular “thank you” or “good job” can go a long way. It pushes them to continue striving for a high quality and efficient work ethic. You can also show your appreciation by taking your employees out of the office for after-work drinks or a team meal.

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2. Provide them with a pleasant work environment.

Everyone wants to work in an office environment that is clean and stimulating, and that makes them feel good instead of bad. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make an office a more pleasant place to be. By creating an inviting atmosphere, your employees will feel more engaged, which ultimately leads to increased productivity.

In the workplace, the way your office is set up plays an important part in how productive your employees are. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that will work for all businesses, but understanding your employees and the way they work can help you create an office layout and environment that will foster productivity.

3. Team-building activities.

Promoting team building activities is a great way to keep the team together in sync. You need to be sure that your employees can work as a team to achieve a common goal and there is no better way to do so than with team-building activities.

Team-building activities should help your team members develop better communication skills, develop team values, increase the ability to solve problems, have some fun time together and know each other better outside the regular work activities.

4. Working remotely with flexible work hours.

We live in an age where working remotely has become increasingly popular. In fact, studies show that allowing your employees to work remotely can increase their productivity, drive their efficiency, lower stress levels, boost morale, save cost and have a positive impact on the environment.

By letting your employees work flexible hours on a remote basis, you are contributing to a global phenomenon that many believe will be the future of work. This is a particularly big motivator for younger employees who, by being offered a fun, flexible, and casual working environment, have a more positive view of their bosses and the company for which they work.

5. Offer opportunities for self-development.

The members of your team will be more valuable to your business, and to themselves, when they have opportunities to learn new skills. Provide your team with the training they need to advance in their careers and to become knowledgeable about the latest technologies and industry news.

The best way to achieve this is to create a learning culture within your organization and when necessary, don’t hesitate to allow your team members to attend training, events, and seminars that will help improve their performance and be more happy with the work they do.

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Job retention is a big problem for many businesses, big and small. If employees feel better about their jobs, they are less likely to leave. Even more importantly, they will try to be better at what they do. By keeping your employees happy and raising motivation levels, worker turnover can be reduced up to 53 percent.

Finally, corporate structures are changing significantly and by keeping up with these, you’ll be able to incorporate new ways to celebrate, reward, and motivate your employees. Use the guidelines above as a way to keep your teams satisfied and remember to show your appreciation on a more personal level.

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