Have you ever dreamed of becoming the next Linda Ikeji? For every successful Internet business, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of futile ones. Starting an online business is so easy that anyone with little computer skill can start an online business.

However, becoming a successful online entrepreneur requires patience, hard work and skill. As such, starting your online business on luck is a perfect recipe for failure. Most people start online businesses with the misguided idea that running an e-business is less demanding than a physical one but truthfully it is not that easy.

Here are top 5 tips that will help you turn your idea into a successful online business:

Tip #1: Find your niche.

To stand out from the crowd of competitors, you will need to offer a product that targets the needs of an underserved market. Finding a niche is easier than you may think. Just take a pen and paper and jot down your passions, your skills, relevant trends and available products.

Then use the information as a guideline to research on the most interesting and most underserved areas. If you cannot find an underserved niche that fits your passion and skills, give an existing one a new spin.

Ultimately, you will need more than niche based information to determine the right venture but this is a great place to start. Get the right niche and your online business is halfway off the ground.

Tip #2: Know that Marketing Is King.

When it comes to marketing your online business, you cannot afford to be timid. Your aim should be to get as many people as possible to know about your products. Share your content on as many forums as you can and be sure to link your products any chance you get.

Talking about your achievements is also great as it builds credibility, however, be careful not to come across as arrogant, which could do more harm than good. The best way to avoid making this deadly mistake is by including others in your conversations.

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Tip #3: Target the right audience.

Once you have the product or service you wish to offer, the next step is finding your customers. Being an online business means that you have the potential to reach to billions of prospects. However, not everyone you reach will be converted to a customer. It is thus important to note that your ability to find your customers does not lie on attacking the mass market but on locating your niche.

You are more likely to get more customers if your message reaches a handful of people in your niche than if it reaches thousands of uninterested people. Lastly, make your material easy for your audience to consume, engage them with a genuine aim of finding out what they need and work towards meeting those needs.

Tip #4: Protect Your Brand’s Online Reputation.

Online business is all about reputation. The slightest mistake can taint your brand forever. Your online reputation starts with the quality of your website, your social media profiles and the contents you send out.

Have a firm set of branding and social media guidelines, so anyone posting on behalf of your brand is aware of what you expect from them. Learn to deal with customer complaints and adopt a mindset of solving problems; even if the customer is wrong.

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TIP #5: Be Persistent.

Few businesses become overnight success stories. This is something you’ll have to accept if you want to enter the business world. Persistence will pay off in the end if you continue to do all the right things. You need to be consistent and stay focused on your goals.

Did you know most online business and startups take three to five years before they start turning a profit?


Starting or running an internet business is inherently risky. Taking the time to learn and evolve is one of the best investments you can make to mitigate these risks.