YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google with over 2 billion active users and 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. Approximately, the viewers spend 11m 23s on YouTube. Over 70% of YouTube views come from mobile.

Apparently, more number of YouTube video creators have already recognized how to make money on the YouTube platform with their videos. Upon the survey, YouTube generates 16 to 25 billion dollars per year revenue, significantly from advertisements. If you want to become a YouTuber? Well, it’s a powerful idea. And we will help to give additional details for your YouTube career. In this guide, it completely helps to know how to make money on YouTube. 

1. Add affiliate links on YouTube

Affiliate links are a more robust opportunity to make money on YouTube channels. The links give offers to make in-depth tutorials and insightful product reviews. Sharing these affiliate links on your YouTube channel slightly resembles marketing your links on your blog. So, you shouldn’t overdo it. Don’t forget that the audience will follow these links when they trust your resource.

To build trust with your audience is not an easy job. Help them to solve the definite problems and give the resolutions. And you can make videos that offer the solutions you have previously proficient by yourself.

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2. Become a YouTube influencer

Every YouTuber knows the importance of the revenue stream. As a YouTuber, you have a lot of ways to make money on YouTube. The best ways to make money from the ads, add channel membership, increasing view count, and Google Adsense banner.

YouTube allows videos, ads, or anything based on the guidelines. You need to observe some rules before becoming a YouTube influencer, and some requirements are necessary to start. YouTube’s ad rules, you have at least a minimum of 4000 video watch hours, and you have 1000 subscribers for your videos in the last 12 months.

3. Follow YouTube SEO methods

There are a lot of YouTube strategies to boost your videos. But many YouTube influencers forget to use these strategies. The process is the most advantageous process to rank your video and get more subscribers for your channel. Improving the likes, comments, shares, and watch time are all the best symbolic methods to enhance your channel and help you make money on Youtube.

The perfect keyword research is more important to improve your videos. However, think differently based on what the audience is searching for on YouTube. Add high and effective keywords in your video title, video tags, and video description.

Here is the 5 YouTube SEO ranking sector

  • Video Length
  • Measure CTR on YouTube search 
  • Likes & dislikes ratio
  • Subscribers count
  • Comments for your videos

4. Make Money on YouTube based on fans

While creating content, think about your target audience, your videos must attract your audience and be informative. So, you have a chance to get more subscribers to your videos. Once you have created an enormous fan base, encourage them to fund your YouTube channel by joining the channel membership, and chat privately – this method helps earn more.

For instance, Tipee is one of the services that offer you to enjoy a combo of one-time donation and recurring. A profit and non-profit channels are taking advantage of this fan-funding with their viewers to keep their video operations running smoothly.

5.Become an influencer on Amazon

The best and fast-growing technique is an Amazon influencer program. This program offers to maximize your brand on social media, especially YouTube. With Amazon recommendations, you can make money on YouTube for your work. 

Once you have joined this program, you know the details on what you do & don’t; you will recommend and review the products and reach out to your audience purchase to Amazon via affiliate links. When your users click through and create an Amazon purchase, you get the commissions likely 8-10% of the product price. This program isn’t open to all. It is based on your subscriber count and other metrics. After verification, you can start the program.

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6. Make YouTube marketing funnel

You should optimize your channel for sales motivation. Hence, select your niche, collaborate with your YouTube partner, and start to plan your marketing funnel.YouTube is the easiest way to share your message, but if you want to make more money using YouTube simultaneously with a blog. In this way, you are collecting more email addresses and selling more products to your fan base.

For example, if you write a blog about an affiliate product about recommending, repurpose the content, and make a YouTube video set in the post. Then send to your audience from YouTube and get back to your blog and affiliate links to build blog readers and earn commissions for each reader. 

7. Gain from YouTube red subscribers

YouTube Red offers to the users to pay $9.99 for without ad YouTube viewing. Even with an ad-free method, the content creators will build money and create 55% of revenue, based on watch time. Hereby, you can enhance the decreased CPM rates or YouTube Red increases. 

With YouTube Red, your engagement factors serve as an important matter. Thus, check your YouTube Analytics to view your video statistics like watch time, video engagement, and more. This is another way you can make money on YouTube.

8. Paid sponsorship

Paid sponsorships are the bumper-offer to make money on YouTube. This method works for marketers to pay and mention their product in your videos. But it is never the easiest method to start pitching yourself to companies. And to be honest with you and your audience —this is a hard goal to reach.

Then you should promote that product on all your social media, show them how it is used, the brand’s purpose, and make successful product sponsorships. Just ensure that the companies you seek out create a sense of the content that they produce.


YouTube is the best influencing platform in the world. And with all the points mentioned above, you can possibly see that there are lots of ways you can make money on YouTube for yourself. The main key to being a successful influencer on YouTube is creating quality content consistently. All the videos will not be rashly successful, but in the long run, you will get the best out of it and make money on YouTube even while you are asleep.

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Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years.