Getting your business online is crucial. Running a business these days without a website is rather a poor business strategy. It has become crucial to have a corporate website that meets customer’s needs. Consumers are online more and more, searching for products or services. Having a website is a start but developing it properly is key to gaining an edge of the competition.

In this post, we will discuss the ways you can develop a corporate website that helps your branding rather than simply getting lost online. Let’s get on it and discuss all the ways you can use your company’s website to your advantage.

TIP 1: Define the major purpose of your website

A corporate website is a means to provide important information about your company.  In addition to this, your site can even serve as a platform for e-commerce and sales.

Before you venture into creating a website for your business, determine what purpose the website will serve. Here are a few of the questions you can ask yourself before you start your project:

  • Is my website representing my business services or a store?
  • What is my target market that I will want to attract to my website?
  • Will I need e-commerce capabilities to do transactions directly on my site?
  • Do I have content for the website?
  • What about branding? Have I devoted time to properly branding my business?
  • Will I be investing in SEO to boost my online presence?

Answering these important questions will give you focus to create a corporate website that will be successful in achieving your business goals.  Once you’ve mastered this first step, you can move on to the next!

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TIP 2: Choose your domain name strategically

One of the most important aspects of your website is your domain name.  Your domain name is reflected in the URL of your website.  Choosing the right domain name is key to developing a good online presence and building a successful website too. A few things you might want to consider:

  • If you are a local business, choose a domain name with the city your business is located in
  • Pick a domain that is descriptive of your business and easy to remember
  • Avoid using random words, phrases, and characters
  • Keep it short and concise if possible

Another important factor to consider is if your consumers will likely remember your domain name easily.  You don’t want potential customers confused if you choose something outlandish.

TIP 3: Have cohesive branding

It’s important for your branding to be reflected on your website.  And it all starts with your logo. Choose cohesive branding to attract customers and pull your brand together.  Settle on a particular font, color palette, and visual strategy that draws people in and helps them to connect to your branding.

Branding is crucial and it needs to be done correctly.  Your branding should be the same on social media channels, advertising, and in all other places as well.  Branding our business properly is an important step that shouldn’t be neglected. With proper visual representation, your company is well on the way to a better online presence!

TIP 4: Build web pages strategically

A good corporate website goes beyond creating a static home page. You will need to create pages that provide relevant information to visitors and provide a good user experience.

Your web pages should be at least 350 words of unique content.  Going the extra mile and writing a little more will pay off in having a better online presence. Some of the pages your website should have include: home/landing page, about page, contact page, service pages, location pages, and blog.

On your about page, be descriptive about your business and what you offer.  You will also want to strategically add location details to build a better online presence and show up in the Google Maps 3 pack. NJ Agency Bizmap LLC recommends creating location pages that are keyword optimized and have authority links embedded within the pages.  Doing so will do wonders for SEO!

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TIP 5: Use social media

Adding your social media profiles to your website is a wonderful way to enhance online visibility.  In addition, you will want to use social media to leverage the visibility of your website as well.

Consider using tools like IFTTT to syndicate blog posts through social media channels.  Doing so you will see excellent results and boosts your online presence.

TIP 6: Update your site with fresh content regularly

This last tip is an important one that people often forget.  Using a blog to update your website frequently with fresh content is an easy way to begin gaining traffic to your site.  When it comes to blog content, there are a few guidelines you should follow:

  • Create long-form content and blog posts
  • Do keyword research on topics relevant to your website
  • Internal linking to other pages on your site is very important
  • Use media and visuals to increase interest and reduce bounce rate

Final Thoughts

Creating a corporate website is a huge thing you need to put a lot of thought into.  Making sure it answers questions and is a positive reflection of your business is crucial to have a winning site and online presence.

About the Author

Mary B. Gossman is a freelance writer and coach working with entrepreneurs all over the globe.  She lives in the NY metro area where she writes full time.

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