Blogging has become the next best thing in Nigeria, as many internet savvy people and even passers-by on the internet own a blog. However, the most popular blogs in Nigeria focus on gossip and entertainment, this is not a surprise coming from a country with the majority of the population that is on the young side. This doesn’t in any way rule out the audience for the educative blogs as in fact it has a pretty large audience and followership as well.

These kinds of blogs (Business blogs) have become the go-to place for information about anything happening in the small business landscape, whether it is news about the latest startup that has come to disrupt the market or latest news on government policies that could affect the business, business blogs are the thought leaders on what is going on in the business scene.

We decided to ransack the internet for you just to get the best Nigerian SME blogs, so if you are a lover of such platforms, you would love our list.

1. Invoice Blog

Invoice is a platform that makes it easier for businesses to get paid. It provides premium invoicing services that helps business owners in Nigeria get paid faster. The blog section of the platform is very SME-friendly, with topics ranging from small business management, customer relationship, freelancing and entrepreneurship. It is a new kid on the block with a lot of prospects. You should check out the blog, you will thank us later.

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2. Ventures Africa

Uzodinma Iweala is the Editor-in-Chief one of Nigeria’s foremost business blog. The blog primarily concerns itself with news about policy, business, and innovation.

In its own words “Ventures Africa is a platform for news, analysis, and discussion about African business, policy, innovation, and lifestyle… “ and yes, he is the son of former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala.

3. SMEdigest

This blog is a very user-friendly blog experience. The topics on this platform cut across issues on entrepreneurship, insurance, and start-ups. It is a great blog for serious business minds with many links updated regularly, pictures, and posts.

4. SMEtoolkit

The posts on SME toolkit features a wide array of helpful services and articles that teach you to be a self-starter for people who want to start a business or have already started a business, hence the name toolkit. The blog focuses on topics such as marketing case studies and  IT tools to help grow your business.

5. Fidelity Bank SME Blog

The best feature on the Fidelity bank SME blog is it’s SME radio section. This podcast section features business leaders giving insight into their business. The guests are just as far ranging as the topics they discuss.

The blog also features rich, well-written articles on opportunities for business, such as access to funds and international opportunities.

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6. SMEbiz info

Well laid out site, well-written and frequently-updated articles, SMEbiz info is a dream come true for anyone looking for information about small businesses in Nigeria.

They offer advice in the form of news articles, guides, tips, and features that can point you in the right direction to start and run your own small business.

7. Starta

Starta is another new kid on the block, but this has in no way affected the quality of content it puts out about business in Nigeria.

Even though Starta primarily curates articles about African businesses entrepreneurs. There are lots of articulate writeups and tools such as E-books for any interested entrepreneur.


This blog is your go-to site for “how-to-start” features. It has articles on starting different businesses, like fish farming, recycling business, using social media better and other similar articles.


Just like, Abode business gives information on how to start different kinds of small businesses. The one downside is that it’s page layout isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as desired and articles do not feature a publish date on the home page. Besides these minor quirks, is a good resource for information about starting and growing businesses in Nigeria.

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10.! First of all, this blog has a very catchy name… who remembers the movie Odeshi? lol. Odeshi is an Igbo word that means bulletproof, so you can also call their readers “bulletproof entrepreneurs” but if you think the site is all jokes, then you thought wrong.

Featuring podcasts with top entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Odeshi is a rich repository for insight into business in Nigeria. The option to freely download these podcasts means you can listen to them anytime at your convenience, which is great.


Managed by Utibe Etim, this blog focuses mainly on news about business opportunities, especially funding. So here you would find the latest news about government or private grants. It also offers services such as writing business plans for interested parties. So all the Nigerian traffic online looking for funding information especially goes straight to this site.

12. VConnect Blog

The VConnect blog is one of the top SME blogs in Nigeria, with articles on business dos and do not’s. The blog also goes an extra mile to interview entrepreneurs in different business sectors.

There you go, please don’t hesitate to mention anyone we missed in the comment section.