One of the most essential steps in crafting an online professional career or growing your brand is to be on LinkedIn, the most popular professional platform on the internet.

LinkedIn can help you locate the ideal job or internship, establish and develop business connections, and master the experience to advance your professional life.

Essentially, having an extensive network boosts your visibility and helps you advertise your business.

In addition, it is essential to build connections with other individuals and businesses in your field. We’ll show you how to make more valuable connections on LinkedIn in this post.

How to Make Connections on LinkedIn

Follow the tips below to know how to make connections on LinkedIn as a business owner or individual.

Use automation tools

Automation tools enable you to do tasks faster, more efficiently, and reliably. You can use it for media analysis, digital marketing, and sales.

In addition, they’re beneficial in making more connections and building genuine connections, which are necessary for maintaining a high degree of engagement in sales. 

For example, LinkedIn automation tools scan eligible profiles and issue automatic invite requests, saving you time and effort. 

Update your profile

Not constantly updating your professional or business information can drag you down. Instead, your profile should be one of the functional features that carry your career or business to success. 

Several businesses and job opportunities can present to you when your profile is updated. Likewise, updating your profile will make your connections relevant to what you have accomplished.

Imagine this as a game of many levels. You are a level 1 player, and your connections are level 1 players. Therefore, ‌have connections from the next level. So updating your LinkedIn profile is mandatory in making more reliable connections and professional development.

Target your audience

Targeting an audience is a critical component of operating successful LinkedIn connections. Posting consistently on LinkedIn and being relevant to your niche of expertise will open the gateway for various business connections.

You can easily target your audience by posting quality content. Similarly, active posting is healthy when it comes to making suitable connections. You will receive tons of connection requests when your posts’ visibility and engagement rate increase in time.

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Follow up on requests.

Follow-ups are ‌necessary for ‌building eligible connections. Therefore, ‌follow up with messages and your requests for new connections. 

Follow-up on requests is a step that businesses should do, enterprises, business representatives, or freelancers.

However, how can one do follow-ups after scoring a connection? First, craft an email that revolves around them.

Show your interest in learning about your connection and avoid talking about your business, products, or services. Second, highlight the problems that connection encounters and how you can help them. Finally, accentuate the benefits and values you can offer them.

Write personalized messages

Sometimes clicking on “connect” will not ‌get you your desired connection. Writing a personalized message that accompanies your connection request is always recommended. 

Writing personalized messages can boost your chances of being connected. It will also leave a great first impression and pave the way for good conversations.

Crafting personalized messages can break the ice:

  1. It would help if you introduced yourself properly and professionally.
  2. Tell your connection and how you have found them, as this will capture their attention.
  3. Mention what common grounds you both share and a few reasons ‌this connection is valuable to you.

Crafting personalized messages will boost your chances of connecting with most professionals on LinkedIn.

If you want your career or business to grow on LinkedIn, you might need valuable connections that mostly share the same interests, skills, and jobs. All the above steps should increase your chances of connecting, making your career take off!


LinkedIn’s most beneficial feature allows you to make new and accountable connections. Creating relationships and acquaintances can significantly affect your business growth or career development.

In addition, making more connections on LinkedIn can introduce you to more job and business opportunities and build credibility for your LinkedIn profile.