How To Promote Your Small Business Using Online Webinar


Promoting your business through an online webinar is one of the proven methods of creating more visibility for your small business. And as a small business owner, you may be pondering on the different aspects that can help you increase your reach, leads, and sales of your business, then think of a business webinar as an option.

Nowadays, webinars have become a highly effective tool for communicating with the target audience. In this technology-driven era, online webinar platforms offer businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to communicate effectively with both prospective and existing customers. Below here are some of the best and top 10 interactive steps that will assist you in promoting your small scale business through a webinar.

1. Quality interaction 

You can better understand the exact reason why good and quality interactions are important while conducting a webinar. So, before going on with a webinar, make sure you hold a proper interaction between you and the listeners. There are a lot of barriers, like network issues, poor connectivity, weather problems, and so forth. Yet, to succeed, you need to be stable despite your differences. 

2. Choose the right platform

Coming to the online webinar tools, there is a lot that you can use. However, it would help if you choose the tool that has less technical difficulty, and everyone could grab the points effectively. In such a case, you can choose some of the best webinar tools. If your audience is less than 250-500, you can go on with social networking webinar platforms as Google meet, Zoom, Skype, etc. Whereas, if the people are more around four-digit numerical values, the best option is to work on webinar software like Easy Webinar, Webinar Jam, YouTube lives, and so on.

3. Pick a relevant topic

Rather than choosing some common topic, you can pick a topic that is relevant to your business. And, you can relate it with your audience. For example, being a small scale business, you can create a webinar on affiliate marketing and teach something about it.  In the later parts of the webinar, you can call upon the audience to join you as an affiliate. Through this, both parties get benefitted. With a reasonable salary, you can get the help of the affiliates and boost your sales, ultimately, your business grows tremendously.

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4. Involve in email marketing

When a participant registers to your webinar, make sure you remind them more often. For the same, you can connect to them through email newsletters and send a confirmation mail once registered. Just a few days before, you can send a short note about the webinar. Just before the seminar starts, maybe an hour prior to that time, you can share an invite link. In the beginning, you can introduce yourself, and there you get free advertisement and brand awareness.

5. Keep your audience engaged

During the webinar, make sure your participants do not get bored. To tackle this, you need to grab the audience’s attention. To achieve this, it is effective to carry on some games, fun sessions, or activities in between the webinar. This little exercise will create a positive impact on the minds of the attendees and also, gives them the ability to feel relaxed and enjoy the ride.

6. Promote your webinar

It may sound a little bit different. But oh yes! this is important too. If you want to promote your business through a webinar, you may also need to promote your webinar too. To do this, you can use the power of social media. Promote the recent seminars on your social media handles and on your website’s homepage. You also need to make a proper digital marketing strategy, employ proper keywords, and post free advertisements.

7. Provide a free E-reader

At the end of the webinar, you can share an E-reader (E-book) to all those participants. The book should be informative on what you have discussed throughout the seminar. Most of the people always wish to have a reference and detailed note of the discussed topic. For sure, if you can work on this step, you will get your business promoted at a high level. In some of the pages, you can advertise your products and services. You can include your contact details and everything about your business. Somehow, it is like free promotion.

8. Guest talks

Here, guest talk means, you can get an appointment of some nano, micro, or macro influencer and ask them to felicitate the participants with a few lines. If you can invest a little amount, you can employ this step. Else, it is fine to skip. But, it is one of the effective ways of promoting your webinar and business because you will eventually get a good outcome from this method.

9. Offer discounts and bonuses

During the seminar, being a business sector, you can offer them bonuses and offers on your recent products. All the same, you can offer them a coupon code and make it a limited time sale. In such a case, you will get high traffic, and your sales boost with the higher promotion within that short period of time.

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10. Question session

In the end, you can have a session where you can solve the participant’s query. It will make your webinar more effective and knowledgable. The purpose of different people joining your business seminar will be satisfied. By this, you become one such popular business with good customer interaction.

Final thoughts

Following all the above mentioned ten ways, you can easily promote your business through a webinar. All you need to do is make it with perfection. Happy growing!

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