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Global e-commerce has boomed since the beginning of the 2020s, causing international markets to become more intermeshed than they were previously. Today, most medium and large enterprises make frequent international transactions, and many small businesses and individuals do the same. While banks have long been the leading facilitator of international…

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Have you recently ended a contract with your business partner? Has an employee resigned or ended their contract? And does your company ahs any non-compete agreements with employees? There are risks like unwarranted competition or disclosing the company’s information associated with such scenarios. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid trouble…

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Forex trading in Nigeria has seen increased participation in the world of investment. All thanks to the country’s burgeoning middle-class flourishing economy, and the proliferation of fast and reliable internet access. As such, forex trading is a potentially lucrative investment approach, which involves currency speculation in the world’s biggest market….

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